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If you are a newbie looking for a right and reliable web hosting or a pro looking for a new web hosting provider it will be a real headache to choose from because there are plenty of web hosting providers available on the internet. A newbie wouldn't probably know what is web hosting, how to choose a web hosting company. The one way to go is by reading customer reviews about a web hosting  provider. There are lots of websites that provide web hosting reviews but most of them are not reliable, but this is not the case with WebHostingGeeks.com.

WebHostingGeeks allows users to share their experience and write their review about a web hosting provider. They also have nice introduction articles on all types of hosting like Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Video Hosting, etc. This will be good for beginners. It will help them gain a little bit of knowledge about web hosting.

Besides that they provide a list of Top Ten Web Hosting Companies. The rankings are determined by a mixture of ratings given by customers, price, uptime, disk space, bandwidth, etc. This will help newbies to choose a reliable hosting provider according to their budget.

WebHostingGeeks also have a web hosting award section where they give awards to a hosting company on a particular category like Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best Forum Hosting, Best VPS Hosting, etc.

If you are looking for an honest web hosting reviews, just visit WebHostingGeeks it will make your work easy and save your time.

Margin Trading

Marginal Trading allows the trader to borrow money from a broker to get the stock. Trader need not invest the whole sum of money, just like getting a loan from a bank, trader can borrow money from brokers. The first and most essential thing you need to do in order to trade on margin is creating a margin account which is quite different from cash account as it is of regular procedure were the trading is made using the money in the account. Legally, while opening a margin account the brokers should get your signature. As far as agreement are concerned it may be a completely a separate or part of your standard account opening. To start a margin account, the initial amount  needed to invest must be at least $2000. But there are some brokers who may ask for more than $2000. This deposit is known to be as Minimum Margin. Traders can borrow up to 50% of purchase price of a stock once the account is opened and commence operating the trade. Initial Margin is that the portion of the amount you deposit for purchasing the stock. The most important thing to be noted is that don't go all way up to 50%, as there is no margin for it. Traders can go for 10% or 25%. Be cautious while committing to brokers as some may ask you for more than 50% of the purchase price to deposit.

Once you fulfill your obligation then you can keep your loan as long as you desire. If you want to sell the stock you own it will be taken as repayment of loan. The brokers will take the money you borrowed, only after that it  goes for the next step i.e selling the stock. Traders must maintain the minimum account balance known to be as Maintenance Margin which is an another restriction opted for trader convenience or else the broker may force to invest money or sell stock or use it for repayment of loan. As traders borrow money it is a must to pay interest for the borrowed amount. In case of Margin Trading, the marginal securities are collateral. Unless traders decide to repay the loan the interest must be paid. As interest rate increases debt level also goes up.

Margin Trading is highly recommendable for short-term investor. But regarding other investors it is of high risk. If traders hold the investment for longer period then there is a good chance of high returns. Never forget that all stocks all stock are not qualified for Margin Trade. The Federal Reserve Bank are in charge of regulating what all the stocks can be brought on margin. According to thumb rules, broker never allow the stock listed below because of the day-to-day risk involved in it.

1 Penny Stocks

2 Over-the- counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB)

3 Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stock Option

The company issues a certain number of shares for the employees at a fixed price for a given period with an option granted for them to purchase. This type of option is known as Stock Option. The purchase price is otherwise known as strike price which is an actual representation of stock value in the market at the time of purchasing. The employees before exercising their rights to purchase share at the strike price must wait until the option are vested which usually last for four years. During the period of vest, the market value of the stock may be increased which pay an easy way for the employees to buy shares at discount. The employee gain can be determined by the difference between the strike price and the market price on the day the option are exercised. When the employees become the owner of the stock he can possess it or can sell the shares depending on the market status.

In the past Stock Option are granted in form of compensation were top executives and outside directors alone got the chance. From 1990's onwards option was given to all employees.

Advantages of Stock Option

As stock options are granted to all employees, loyalty and commitment to the company  is growing at rapid rate. Employees become the owner of the share, so there is a good chance for the employee to take more responsibility and regarding performance they put up more effort to get the upper hand. In order to reap the future reward, the company attracts the talented employees to stay for longer period. To business man stock options provide an additional offer that is tax advantage which help them from paying tax. Until options are exercised, it is shown as worthless on company's book. Technically speaking , stock options are in form of a deferred employee compensation but as far as keeping record option pending should be excluded from recording under expense. Stock option helps in showing healthy bottom line and increases the growth of a company. When the employees exercise the option, tax deduction is allowed to the company in form of compensation expense which is the difference between strike price and the market price.

Disadvantages of Stock Option

After exercising the option to buy, many employees cash out their shares at once as they diversify their personal holdings or lock in gains. Some of them never hold their share for longer period which is the cause for loosing the motivational value of option. Some employees, as soon as they cash in their option, disappear when they come across a new wealth awaiting another quick score with a new growth company.

Another disadvantage is that the management encourage the employees to take high risk. As far as employees are concerned stock option in form of compensation is an undue risk. In case of unstable company, if large number of employees try to exercise the option to get profit in the market then there is a chance of collapse in the whole equity structure of a company. When company issue additionally a new shares to the other  investors, there is no chance for the other investors to get the upper hand as it increases the outstanding shares. In such case the company must either repurchase stock or increase its earnings which may help in forestalling the dilution of value.

First Payment from Blogvertise ( Payment Proof )

I got my first payment from Blogvertise two days back, this is the first time I recieved payment for a blog post. Its only 9 dollars but it gave me something to cheer about.  If you like to join Blogvertise click here.

Restricted Stock

Restricted Stock is is also known as Restricted Securities or Letter Stock. In simple terms it can be said as owning a share in a company with some restrictions laid on it. Restricted Stock  never allow full transference until certain condition have been met. Only when the conditions are satisfied, the person holding the award allow full transference. Some company provide guarantee for this stock in form of compensation form. During vesting period the condition guaranteed for Restriction Stock help them in transferring the shares periodically. Another type of restriction is based on condition of performance such as financial targets or company reaching earnings per share goal.

Valuation Of Restricted Stock

Let us move on to certain factors influencing the value of Restricted Stock. In valuating the Restricted Stock the first and foremost factor that comes into one's mind is nature of the Restriction Stock and length of it. Secondly transferability of the Letter Stock Should be taken into account. Next factor influencing the valuation of the Restriction Securities is the underlying financial strength of the company. Fourthly one must be conscious of the rights of the Letter stock such as liquidation damage and registration rights. Fifth factor to be considered in valuating the Restricted Stock is the ability to borrow shares of the company as it is mostly essential for the purpose of hedging. Finally the availability of publicly traded option contract on the issued stocks should be considered as they influence the value of Restriction Stock.

In comparison with Stock Option, it motivate employees and it becomes more prominent among employees particularly for executives.

Difference Between Common Stock and Preferred Stock

In general Common and Preferred stock own a share in a company and therefore the investors can claim on the company's asset and earnings. Both investors get profit when company run successfully and regarding the way of trading, no distinct difference are found as they trade in the same way using brokerage firm and transaction cost too shows no difference.

But there are more notable difference between these two types of stock which are summarized as below.

As far as Common Stock are concerned, the investors has rights to vote the Board of Directors who are in charge of making decision. But preferred stock holder are denied of voting privileges. For Preferred Stock dividend is fixed forever whereas in case of Common Stock dividend depends on the decision of the Board of Directors. Price vary for Common Stock and Preferred Stock even though it is issued by the same company. Preferred Stock is a stable one as income is regular whereas Common Stock is volatile. Preferred Stock stuck to tax liability as the value is of higher but common stock have no tax issue.

Regarding claiming on company's asset and earnings Preferred Stock holds a higher rank. In case of favorable condition were the company growth flourishes money are distributed to the preferred stock holders in form of dividend. In case of company's bankruptcy and liquidation preferred stock holder get the payment first, Common stock holder get the payment only after the preferred stock holder, creditors and bond holder get the payment. Mostly in case of Preferred Stock the price are based on the interest rate. If the interest rate are higher then the stock price goes down and if low then the price of stock hike.

If investors anticipation is to gain a profit through hike in stock price or capital growth and dividend, then investors can go on with Common Stock. In case if investors are more likely to get incessant flow of cash in dividend form, then they can switch on to Preferred Stock. In other word Preferred Stock is similar to "Fixed -Income Security".

Types Of Stocks

Generally stocks are defined as owning a share in the company and representing a claim on the company's asset and earnings. There are two types of stock market namely common and preferred stock. 

Common Stock

As per the name indicates it is well common in comparison with Preferred stock. Common Stock carries voting right which has been practiced in corporate decision. If you have a common shares you can claim on a portion of profits. By owning a share you get one vote right per stock share and board member can be of your choice as you have rights to vote them. Regarding management board members oversees the major decision.

As far as Common Stocks are concerned, it has been revealed through study of investing and stock market that highest returns are possible when capital growth are at maximum. But Common Stock carries highest risk in the event of company's bankruptcy and liquidation. The share holder never get the amount unless tamount are paid to the creditors, bondholders and preferred stock holders.

Preferred Stock

Preferred Stock is legally entitled to receive a dividend payment to certain level. A fixed dividend is guaranteed forever. So in case of company's bankruptcy and liquidation preferred stock holder can be free of worries as they will be paid off. The stock holder has an option to convert Preferred Stock to a fixed number of common share at anytime even after a predetermined date. This type is known as convertible Preferred Share. Another option available for preferred share holder is that the company can get the shares from the share holder at anytime. As Preferred Stocks are callable the claim of share holder on the company's asset and earnings are greater. If the company's profits are higher then preferred stock holder get benefits.

Getting a Forex education

Are you a beginner to Forex Trade, don't get panic as there is a right way for your guidance. By following it you can  get the upper hand in Forex Trade. The most fundamental thing you need to do is get the right education which gives you the outline of what all you have to do, what are the basic things to learn before entering this field,  what process is going on in Forex trade and what all the common errors which should not to  repeated in Forex Trade to get the upper hand in the trade. Most of the traders faces failure because they don't work harder or they might have put up more efforts in wrong area without aware of it.

Just by browsing you can get all the details about the fundamental things of Forex Trade and what all the essential thing you need to know regarding this field. So through net you can procure all information you need. If you want to get education through mentor or guru you can avail them through online by paying. But while selecting mentor or guru be cautious of selecting a right person as there are person who may provide a junk answer. Everything is available for free so don't waste your time and money in it.

Remember well if the information is valuable no one will sell it. There are some traders who sell E-book by displaying attractive advertisement, don't be deluded by them. If your need is a valuable book just check out the record of their profits before you purchase.

Understanding of support of resistance and technical analysis is necessary to step in to the Forex Trade. Integrate a few indicators by which you can get the status of the currency in a market, aiding you in right direction.

Few indicators are mentioned below

Average Directional Movement (ADX)
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Bollinger Bands
Moving Averages

Relative Strength Index (RSI) are triggering Forex Trading Signal in comparison with others. Bollinger Bands determine target, strength and give spot support and resistance.

If you are conscious of all those thing you can go on with this trade without any hassle.

How to create a Website for free ?

In this post I am going to show you how to create a website or blog with a free domain and free host. The only problem with with this method is you will not get a .com domain rather than you get a co.cc domain.

First Step

Domain registration is the first step in creating a website, there are plenty of websites available on the internet for domain registration, since we are looking for a free domain I prefer co.cc , here you will have to sign up for a free account and register a domain.

Second Step

Once you are done with registering a domain the next step is finding a free hosting service, again there are plenty of hosting sites giving free hosting plans but the two best hosting companies in my experience are:

1. Doteasy.com 
$0 Web Hosting

2. Byethost.com

For this tutorial I will be using byethost, when you sign up for the byethost you should get an email like this

Now log into your vistapanel and Go to Addon Domain and the enter your domain name.

Third Step

Once you have done adding domain to your host, the next step is to setup your domain . Log into your co.cc account and go to your your domain setup page, you will see this three options

1. Manage DNS
2. Zone Record
3. URL Forwarding

Now add the name server of your host in the Manage DNS section.

Installing wordpress

You are almost done, the last step you have to do is installing wordpress. It can be done manually through a FTP software or you can use the one click easy automatic script installation offered by byethost and doteasy.

Forex Trading Philosophy

Most people think Forex Trading is a very simple one and easy way to earn money. Of course I agree with it but on the other hand this case seems to be little bit complex one. What you invest determine what returns you get at the end.

The status of market is not a constant one, it vary from day to day. So as a trader it is essential to update the trends of market daily. If a mild mistake occur you may loose money. There are various method employed to predict the status of market.

The trader must have a keen observation on the current trends of the market. He uses charts, graph and look upon  news letters to get the price of currency. In addition to it there are software available to predict it. so one must be cautious in figuring out the price of a currency. If the price is hiking he can stay in the trade. If price goes down he can sell it.

Decision of the trader determines his success or failure. If he is greedy of money, he will never withdraw from the market which is one of the cause to put himself down. Some traders may be locked by emotions which may be a hindrance to his successful path. So while taking decision be rational, as it play a key factor in determining your success or failure.To get the upper hand in Forex Trading be cautious of figuring out the current trends of market and take a rational decision

What Makes A Successful Forex Trader

In the beginning Forex Trading is meant only for business people who possess big companies or financial institution. But now the situation has changed. Even layman can access to Forex Trading and can earn money through it. If you are beginner don't get panic you can get help and guidance as there are various books available for your  need.

Here are some of the  guidelines to become a successful trader:

The first and foremost step is studying  about the Forex Trade and make yourself well adept to it as it is the most essential one to get the upper hand in forex Trading. If you go for Day Trading, apply a quick style of trading. If you feel it as a time consuming process  just switch on to Swing Trade. For both type of trading you need to have technical skill.

If capital bothers you choose Leverage and Mini Forex were capital to invest is less compared to other type. Swing Trade is highly recommended for traders as they can start trade at low rate without any fear of loosing money. For most investors that too particularly beginners Swing Trade is really a boon as they could start off with with small amount and reduce the risk of investors. It also give a chance for the beginners to learn more and as days goes on they gain experience and learn a lot and get adept to it.

If you take successful Forex Traders more than 90 % of them are technically sounded. Market fluctuation occurs every day, so it is essential for traders to update the current status of the market. Unless they do this they can't get the current status which  help them in making decision whether to buy or sell the currency thereby aiding them in determining their success or failure. As market fluctuation is an unavoidable one must be cautious in updating details of the trend in the market. For updating the details you have trading signals, report of economic trends, news release and treasury news. Some of them use technical system and news letters to figure the correct status of the market.

If you are in quest of good career make it your choice without any bewilderment as it is one of the way of earning money through online. As a beginner you easily step in to this trade without any hassle. You need not to be annoyed of capital as the initial amount to be invested is very less. You can get advice from experts.. If not follow structured course of learning Forex. Before accessing into the field get well versed in the basic of Forex Trading that would help you a lot.in initial stage as days go by you can learn and get well adept to it.

Gold Investment - Goldcoinsgain.com

Do you like to invest in gold by buying gold coins and gold bullion, then this is a good decision. Gold Investment have been practiced since time immemorial. Gold investment has outperformed all the other investments in the last Ten Years. Gold investment act as a smart haven regardless of economic crisis, you can see the price of gold hiking everyday. So it will be safe for us to invest some money in gold.

If you choose to invest in gold then the best website you can go for is Goldcoinsgain.com. They are an Aurum Adviser, a online resource to buy gold coin and buy gold bullion. Here you can purchase gold bullion like Gold American Eagle, Australian Gold Nugget, Chinese Gold Panda etc. They provide us up-to-date information's of current gold spot market price and also act as a guide for purchasing gold coins and to buy bullion.

First Payment from Microworkers ( Payment Proof )

Got my first Payment from Microworkers. I requested for a payout on 29th September got my payment on 18th October. It doesn't takes much  time to reach the minimum payout for me it takes around 20 days. I really love this site. Thank you Microworkers.

Mystery Google - Get Someone Else's Search Results

Have you heard of Mystery Google, well the latest buzz around internet is Mystery Google. It is a special Search Engine from Google that allows users to search as usual, the difference is that instead of taking you to the result what you have been searching for, it will give the result of the other person who has searched just before you.

I just entered in "hypnosis" in Mystery Google, my result came up with "twins".

Does Mystery Google really works?

I had some questions in my mind about Mystery Google. As I know I won't get the results what for I typed in, my intention was just to type any words and I didn't really want to make any specific queries. I guess the other person using this tool must have the same intention. For example I did my second search just entering "Ice Cream" the result I got is "123251112" the other person searched before me had entered this. So do you think it really works. Well it depends on us who use this search tool. At start it will be a little hazy, people doesn't know what to type, they just want to know what other people search, some make fun out of this by just searching weird ones. It takes time for people to get used to it and make this a better tool to explore new things that they have not heard of.

For now Mystery Google is just for fun and when things move along it will become an useful tool to explore new things.

New BSNL EVDO Tariff

It seems like Bsnl has revised the Tariff again for its EVDO services. The new EVDO Tariff will be effective from 1st November, 2009.

The New Plans are as follows:
   0.5 GB - Rs.199 + tax 
      1 GB - Rs.299 + tax
      2 GB - Rs.449 + tax
      5 GB - Rs.649 + tax
Unlimited - Rs.999 + tax

No information on how and when existing customers will be migrated to new plans. This new tariff announcement from Bsnl will be a heartbreaking news for EVDO users.

Top Six Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

It is true that Affiliate Marketing is one of the way to earn more money without investing. Being diligent in Affiliate Marketing at beginning level is more than enough to get success. In addition to it the way to promote affiliate product matters the most. Let us have a brief outlook on the various methods of promoting affiliates products.

1. Join Forums and Discussions
Find a forum that are related to the product you promote.The forum you choose should have high page rank. Once you sign up in the forum the first and foremost thing you should do is setting up the signature line (where you can put up your name and affiliate link). Be active in the forum, post questions, answers and comments to other members. Do not spam, simply write reasonable response to other people queries, when people reads your answer they will likely to see your signature too and may give a visit to your site. Be more active and contribute more and people will start trusting you. once you build the trust you will see more visitors and sales.

2. Social Networking Sites
The internet has become more interactive and community-oriented. I have never thought of Social Networking Sites to promote my affiliate marketing programs until I come across an article which made a mention of using face book application for Affiliate Marketing. The huge traffic generated by these Social Networking Sites is really a boon to Affiliate Marketing. Build relationship with people on Social Networking Sites and slowly begin to promote your product to your followers and friends. People will trust only when they know you well, so do not spam on Social Networking Sites. You  should be very conscious of audience you are targeting through Social Networking Sites and also very authentic about what you are promoting. Build trust with your followers and friends by showing them the benefits to buy the products you promote.

3. Writing Articles
This is one of the way to drive traffic to your site. you can post articles related to the products you promote. Keep in mind the content should be good and never emphasize on the quality of a particular product as success or failure is determined through it. Do not forget to include your affiliate link in resource box or author box.

Submit each article you write to different directories, I personally prefer these article directories.

4. Your Own Website or Blog
This is the most common way to promote affiliate programs and many publishers make their entire living through Affiliate Marketing on their website or blog. By just placing an affiliate link or banner on your site will not make you rich, you must learn the proper way to promote the affiliate products.

5. E-mail Marketing
This is one of the best way for promoting affiliate products. E-mail marketing does not seems as profitable as it was once. If you have a large number of E-mail list or subscriber to your website, you can send them Newsletter with an affiliate link regularly. Make sure that the Newsletters should not look like you are promoting something.

6. Pay Per Click Advertising
There are many publishers who have become extremely successful using PPC Advertising. Ad words and yahoo search marketing are the most popular PPC programs. You can also advertise your website and also promote your affiliate website. But do not forget to use your affiliate link.

You should be very careful in using PPC Advertising. If you are in a competitive niche you will certainly spends more than two dollars per click. It may bring you a lot of sales or it may not.

First Payment From Adgitize

Yesterday I got my first payment from Adgitize, I am a member of that site since Dec 2008, I am lazy to go through the faqs and doesn't know how it works and how to earn more points at first, But only in the middle of august I came to know we earn more points by daily clicking 100 ads and by posting articles, from that day I had an average earning of 200 - 240 points. If you are just an publisher in Adgitize sure you can make around $5 a month, but if  you also advertise in Adgitize you get more points and you can earn more than $10 a month.
Adgitize your web site.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an internet-based marketing practice in which advertiser (online retailer who sell services or product) pay publisher known as affiliates (individual who promote the service or product of an advertiser) only for performance (sales, lead).

How to Select Affiliate Programs

There is an ample chance for affiliates to promote the product and service of an advertiser and get profit. The only thing is to keep in mind the fundamental rules and avoid common errors that may occur in affiliate marketing.

Affiliates should be cautious of selecting the best Affiliate Programs and the way of promoting the product or service should be excellent. The Affiliate Program you select must match your niche, need and product or service you provide. By joining SEO Newsletters and being a member in Affiliate Programs, you can avail the help of seasoned affiliate marketers and SEO Experts which are free of cost, guiding you in selecting the right choice.

Affiliate Marketing Program is an ideal site were affiliates marketers and advertisers meet. Click bank, Commission junction and Paydotcom are free sites. Associate Network is a third party program networks and a large diverse market place were tracking and comparing the advantages, goods, records, operation and facilities are made easy. If you are a beginner you can choose click bank were no approval are required.

Beyond all this factors, the effort you take in promoting the product or services matters the most. Before promoting the product or service study the vendor commission plan, research it carefully and make sure that you are paid, so that the effort you did never go in vain.

How do you get Paid in Affiliate Marketing
Advertisements are placed on the affiliate site when visitors see those ad they may be encouraged to click it. If the visitors are interested on the product they purchase it. If the products are purchased then the affiliates get paid for it in commission basis. In most Affiliate Programs the sales records are made by number of times the ads are clicked or viewed made into sale of goods or services.

Does it Cost any Money to get Involved

The big winner in the Affiliate Marketing is the Third Party Companies were the procedure are quite simple. The affiliates can sign up and go on without any hassle. One of the best thing for Affiliates is  that they end up  making lot of  money without having a product or service of their own and without any huge investment in it. The only thing you will invest is your precious time promoting  the advertisers product. The affiliates who make more money put on more efforts such as writing and designing a web pages (landing pages). Thereby motivating the visitor to click on Affiliate link.


I am using Bsnl Evdo Card for about 4 months, when I first bought the service it looked great for me but with lot of technical issues, I used it for a while but got disappointed and thrown it away.  A week back I thought to give a look at it.  It gave me a lot of surprises. I am  glad and decided to make a review on it.


Bsnl Evdo uses Shared IP or Public IP

When I first  used BSNL EVDO gives only Shared  IP. The issue with Shared IP is we can't download files from rapidshare.  Also your IP will be concluded as a proxy server or some sort of shared network.
But now BSNL is giving public IPs.  So no more worries on rapidshare and I am downloading around 1GB files per day from rapidshare itself.

Bsnl Evdo Speed and Signal Strength

The speed is getting better and better at first I got a maximum speed around 500 Kbps but now I am getting a speed of 1 Mbps.  I see a great improvement in signal strength also, I usually go to my house upstairs to get full signal strength but now I am getting full signal anywhere in my house.

Bsnl Evdo Roaming and Charges

Yes roaming is available within your circle (state).  I am from Puducherry,  I asked a Bsnl employee about the device usage in chennai. He said roaming is available National Wide but first I have to give the device to them and configured to use it in other states. So if you want to use the device in other state you have to configure first. Roaming is available free of charge.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Almost all areas are covered, there are two Evdo towers in Pondicherry one is at Thattanchavadi and another is near Pondicherry University. I guess this two towers is enough for pondicherry it will cover all the areas.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Chennai

I already mentioned this in my previous post on Evdo, there is not much improvement but I heard from a Bsnl employee that they are in process and the Evdo coverage will be available in all areas of Chennai within November 2009, to see the areas covered click here.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Bangalore
At least more than 20 Evdo towers has been established in Bangalore to see the list click here.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Hyderabad  

More than 30 towers were established in Hyderabad, to see the list of areas covered just check out here .

Bsnl Evdo Coverage In Kerala

Almost all major cities were covered in Kerala. To know the complete list of cities covered click here.

Though Bsnl has raised its Evdo tariff  by 15% it may come around Rs.650 plus tax, I think its a good buy at this price also. You may not get wireless high speed unlimited internet for a much cheaper price anywhere than Bsnl.

Earn Money With Microworkers

If you are looking for an simple online job Microworkers is just for you, it is just like Amazon Mechanical Turk but doesn't have more tasks like mturk, though you can earn some handsome money. If you are from US, Canada, Australia, UK they will pay you from $0.25 and $0.7 for International members.

What type of task you get there:
The tasks you get in Microworkers are simple like digging website, signing up under referral links, blog about a product, post reviews in forums, article writing, commenting on a blog, blog review.
How they pay you:
The payment is made through Paypal or Moneybookers when you reach the minimum payout amount $9. Also you get sign up bonus of $1.5 which will be paid when you reach $25 or you can also use it for starting a new campaign.

Earn money with Google User Experience Research

Google Survey is one of the easiest and simplest way to earn more dollar, just by taking survey one can get $75 per hour. If your age is eighteen or older you can go ahead with it. Just sign up with Google Survey, take a suitable study, key in your age, experience and background, be sure of your answer and what you key in must be true. Google matches you to suitable study based on the information you give, so it is better if your answers are honest.

What types of studies you get there:

Usability study at a Google office
Google product or prototype will be provided to you . Your task is to try it out and give feed back about that particular product. You can work as a part of group or meet Google researcher directly. Most studies are done at Google HQ (Mountain View, California), don't leave your hope if you are from different countries as google have offices all over the world.

Remote Usability Study
If you have system and internet you can take these study as location does not bother regarding remote usability study. Through internet, product or prototype will be provided to you . Try out that particular product or prototype and give feed back. High-speed internet connection is more than enough to take up a study.

Field Study
Google researchers will visit you and interview you about how you use the web and your computer.

Online Survey
Through web you can answer the querries or you can answer through E-mail.

Earn Money through Amazon Mechanical Turk

While surfing I recently came across a legit online money making program its none other than Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is one of the suite of Amazon web service. You can work in your spare time and earn some dollars out of it. Basically it is a crowd sourcing market place. The tasks are simple in mturk. There are many Hits(tasks) available for you, most Hits are like Article Posting, Article Rewriting, Comment on a blog, Writing review of a product, Online Survey, Twitter and Facebook friend request. Select the right job which suits you and go on with it and never forget to read the instruction, remember you will be paid only if your work are accepted by the requester.

Screenshot of my mturk account dashboard:

How do you get paid:

If you are a US citizen the money will be transferred to your personal bank account, workers from India can get the money through checks. If you are apart from these countries you can get the funds in Amazon.com
gift certificates. Those gift certificates can then be redeemed online for Amazon.com products.

Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology seems to be a monotonous one but it is the one which should be taken into account while stepping in to trading field. Most of them never pay attention to this but it really help you in all aspects as our internal and mental factor has a great influence on us. Psychology plays a vital role in decision making that too concerned with trading field every one are aware, how one should be conscious of decision making, in such a case it is very important for us to control our mind.

The two psychological factor which affect us while trading are fear and greedy. People who are obsessed with fear never stay in the market for longer period as fear makes them to exit the market before they get the market. The other factor is greedy which make one to stay in the market for longer period as their mind are predominated with the money they never get contend even though they get the upper hand and go on with the trade though the market condition is not predictable. If one is able to control these two factors whatsoever the state of market are, he may be able to withstand the market.

Regarding trading choosing the best stocks matters the most, in such case what one require is correct judgment. If one is emotionally affected then he will never make a correct judgment he goes in the way as his mind goes. If his mind is free from all those stress then there is a possibility of correct judgment which is the factor in selecting the right choice. So one must learn to control the emotion that seems to be the influencing factor while dwelling on the trading subject deeply.

If you take trading you are the boss, you no need to depend on any one you can just switch on the system or laptop, look into details, have a deep analysis of the trends in the market, get a clear cut report, plan properly, follow the best risk management, never allow the emotions to flow into your mind as it may affect you in precise judgment and be authentic in selecting a right choice. This is the best and easiest way for you to get the upper hand in trading, if you follow this simple and easiest way you are not far away from the success you are about to get the one you desired so far. So follow it you can trade without any hassle and get the best out of it.

Forex Autopilot System

Forex Autopilot System is the current software program which has proved as a low-risk one and known to be the most efficient of all the software program introduced so far. In this global trading it has made the way for smoother trading as fear of taking risk doesn't bothered you.

Currency trading is based on the concept of Fibonacci formula which is the essence of this trading. Most of the traders switch on to the software which help them in crisis situation such as market fluctuation so that they never hassle for trading and avoid the risk. The software helps the trader in predicting the trends and act according to your discretion .

Forex Autopilot System is the automated trading system which has proved its ability in analyzing the trends in the market and guide in reckoning the correct one, so that you decide the one which make you earn more profit. What is the one and simplest thing you do is choose Forex Autopilot System and make it your friend, so that you can trade with out any fear of risk.

Forex Autopilot System works on Algorithms mechanism by which the best entry or exit points are reckoned easily. Cash supervision tool are enable in some version which reduce the risk factor to some limit, thus enabling the trader to reap the benefit of trade.

Just go on search with various scheme of Forex Autopilot System and select it. Depending on the version the rate of Forex Autopilot System varies starting with minimum of $65 per month for program-usage. It is better to look on the benefits of Forex Autopilot System rather than thinking of the expense.

Before moving on to Forex Autopilot System follow the five steps given below:
  • Just to check out whether you get benefit use 8 - week free trial.
  • Collect the details of how to use demo account in Forex Autopilot System.
  • Don't miss the training lesson or videos provided by the offers which may help you understand its efficient in trading.
  • Check it out with all trading platform that to with Meta Trader, so that their operation are compatible with all.
  • You have money-back guarantees for your safer side, so you can proceed it with out any hassle.

The Four Biggest Mistakes in Forex Trading

Most of them while trading do mistake which are a one to learn from that and never step back on facing failure as mistakes are the stepping stones of success. Just here are some of the common error that trader do while trading.

Usage of cheap software package

The financial crisis can lock one in buying this cheap software package . But keep in mind that software package available at low cost may not help you a lot. It may lead you to lose your Account Equity quickly. If the software sold cheaply helps a lot then whole world would switch on to this package. But this is not the case so it is better to move on to the valuable package.

Day trading or Scalp trading

Day trading is a short term trading which is of highly risk as it is really harder for traders to pick the short term prices as they are distributed in random. Scalp trading has been promoted as a low risk trading but to our safer it is better to avoid this type.

Diligent wont work out

Some traders work hard as their mindset are of being diligent would help them in earning more money which has not worked out here. You can be relaxed or in normal state unless you need to be diligent.

Being clever doesn't earn money

Some traders think being clever would bring them handsome of money. But clever is not the one mattering the most being right with the trading signal will help you in getting more profits. They think that complex system is the one which is the key stone to success but there are traders who has been more successful in simple system.

To frame the key to success you must act smartly, use a long term method and trade with a right signal. Keep in mind the common errors that we do while trading and avoid it to get the upper hand in trading.

Nokia 7210 Supernova in my hands (review)

I bought Nokia 7210 Supernova recently. I bought this mobile for Rs.5000(105$) from Univercell Mobile Showroom Puducherry. I also got 1GB memory card for free. I have this mobile for more than a week, so I decided to write a short review on this phone.

Pros :

1. A nice slim and stylish look.
2. Very Low Priced.
3. Its photo quality is excellent (2 Megapixel camera), its much better than I expected.
4. Sound quality is good.
5. Bluetooth Support and Edge connectivity.

Cons :
1. Poor Battery backup.
2. Video recording is not good.
3. Headset given with the sales package is also a poor performer.
4. Display looks somewhat duller compared with my Samsung E840.
5. No 3G.

Pictures taken with Nokia 7210 Supernova :

Mahatma Gandhi Statue Puducherry

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple Elephant

Sri Aurobindo AshramThe Nokia 7210 Supernova is a low priced, stylish mobile phone with lot of features. Its for youngsters looking for stylish mobile phone with low budget, you can also use this as your backup mobile phone.

New Airtel Broadband Tariff

Bharathi Airtel has now slashed broadband rates, Airtel has now announced new broadband plans which is almost economical and enticing one to the broadband users.


In this plan subscribers will experience 512 kbps broadband speed with unlimited data transfer for Rs.1099.


Subscribers will experience 512 kpbs in day and 1 mbps in night with unlimited data transfer for Rs.1299 and in addition to it users will get free value added service worth Rs 499 ( PC Secure, Spead on Demand and Unlimited Gaming ).


In Freedom 1699 subscriber will get 1 mpbs of unlimited data transfer for Rs.1699 and free value added worth Rs.598.
In Freedom 2999 subscriber will get 2 mpbs of unlimited data transfer for Rs.2999 and free value added worth Rs.698.

With this latest announcement (Freedom Plans), Airtel has given subscribers a rich broadband experience for much affordable price which no broadband service providers has done until now.

Broadband service in India is becoming better and better.

My First and Last Entrecard Payment

I finally received my first Payment this morning from entrecard, Of course this is the last payment too because entrecard has ended Paid Ads and Credit Cashout Program, I thank entrecard for making the payment as they promised.

Entrecard has been Acquired by ZipRunner

Today I got an email from Entrecard Team stating that Entrecard has been acquired by ZipRunner Inc. For new bloggers like me Entrecard has been a real boost and its a great invention, thanks to Graham for his works, Good luck for you Graham. I hope ZipRunner Inc will certainly take Entrecard to next level. To know why Graham Langdon made this decision visit his blog ontrapranore.com .


How to make money in RAPIDSHARE ?

You could get upto Ten Referrer Points, whenever a new customer purchase premium accounts through your rapidshare referrer link or from the download page of a file you have uploaded. This Referrer Point can be exchanged to cash . Their Payment mode is through paypal. This is for both Premium Account and Collector's Zone users. To create a Premium Account click here .

How many Referrer Pints will you get ?

When a user buys 30 days of Premium Account it will get you 1 Referrer Point, while 90 days Premium Account will get you 3 Referrer Points, 180 days Premium Account will get you 5 Referrer Points, 365 days Premium Account will get you 10 Referrer Points.

How to Optimize Meta Tags for Organic Search

Title, description and keywords are the three essential HTML areas where meta data also known to be meta tags can be inserted which are mostly found at the top of the HTML code.

Step 1(Keyword )

The accommodation of keywords in search engine is up to hundred characters. Keywords is framed by titles, description and content of the website. Thus keyword reflects the nature of website ,so one should be cautious in framing the keywords.

Step 2(Keywords Density)

Be sure that your usage of keywords in the meta tags cover 3.7% of word count and remember that words used in logos, photos would not be taken into account as search engine could not read graphics.

Step 3 (Meta Title)

Titles may amount to hundred characters and it should contain at least two words from your keyword. Mostly titles could be seen at left corner with its position at top level.

Step 4 (Meta Description)

Internet service provider offer your site to the user as soon as your description appears on the web search page. Search engine mostly accommodate up to two hundred characters and 2-4 of your keywords. The description reflects the content of your site , so provide description with brief, concise and informative as the nature of your website would be revealed to the user.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

All website owner lounge for top rank in search engine ,but only few could get an upper hand. It is not a complicated one as all think of it. If one follows three steps properly then he could walk out with pride.


If you are interested in checking the top rank website in search engine do as per this instruction. First of all choose the topic you are interested. then go on with your search in Google or yahoo . For instance you choose "Anatomy of plants", go to search engine like Google or yahoo you could see a site called "Anatomy of plants" at top level and be authentic in one point that this add is not a paid one.


Now the only one thing you need to do is just click on the right side of your mouse ,you could find a drop menu listed with many options such as "view source" and "view page source" . As soon as you click it you could look "under the hood" all the information that the search engine can look at. At top level you could come across a line that reads meta name = "keywords' content = . Just after equal to sign you could note a keyword witin quotation marks. The keywords may be Anatomy of plants, Anatomy of animals or Anatomy of insects. which make easy quest for the particular website and take it to the top level.


Final steps to do is select the keywords which are relevant to your site. Selecting the relevant keywords in your meta data pay you the way for top rank in search engine ranking.


I bought my new EVDO connection 3 days ago in Pondicherry. It cost around RS.4100(outright purchase of the card RS.3600 + activation charge Rs.500). The speed is pretty good. The EVDO tower is around 2 km from my house , I am getting a speed of around 600kbps. I also used this card in perungudi Chennai, where the speed I get is around 300kbps. CDMA 1x is available almost everywhere, i got a speed of around 150kbps. The monthly rental would be exactly RS.610 including tax. BSNL rocks with their Evdo data card offers.

Screenshots of Evdo and CDMA 1x speed:

Though Bsnl EVDO offers great value for money, they lack in customer service. I hve been waiting for this Evdo card for more than three months, in that time I hve got no proper response for my call or questions regarding the Evdo availability. Also I wouldn't like to buy the card for outright purchase, but the pondicherry bsnl exchange has taken away the rental scheme, so I hve no way only to go for the outright purchase.