My First and Last Entrecard Payment

I finally received my first Payment this morning from entrecard, Of course this is the last payment too because entrecard has ended Paid Ads and Credit Cashout Program, I thank entrecard for making the payment as they promised.

Entrecard has been Acquired by ZipRunner

Today I got an email from Entrecard Team stating that Entrecard has been acquired by ZipRunner Inc. For new bloggers like me Entrecard has been a real boost and its a great invention, thanks to Graham for his works, Good luck for you Graham. I hope ZipRunner Inc will certainly take Entrecard to next level. To know why Graham Langdon made this decision visit his blog .


How to make money in RAPIDSHARE ?

You could get upto Ten Referrer Points, whenever a new customer purchase premium accounts through your rapidshare referrer link or from the download page of a file you have uploaded. This Referrer Point can be exchanged to cash . Their Payment mode is through paypal. This is for both Premium Account and Collector's Zone users. To create a Premium Account click here .

How many Referrer Pints will you get ?

When a user buys 30 days of Premium Account it will get you 1 Referrer Point, while 90 days Premium Account will get you 3 Referrer Points, 180 days Premium Account will get you 5 Referrer Points, 365 days Premium Account will get you 10 Referrer Points.

How to Optimize Meta Tags for Organic Search

Title, description and keywords are the three essential HTML areas where meta data also known to be meta tags can be inserted which are mostly found at the top of the HTML code.

Step 1(Keyword )

The accommodation of keywords in search engine is up to hundred characters. Keywords is framed by titles, description and content of the website. Thus keyword reflects the nature of website ,so one should be cautious in framing the keywords.

Step 2(Keywords Density)

Be sure that your usage of keywords in the meta tags cover 3.7% of word count and remember that words used in logos, photos would not be taken into account as search engine could not read graphics.

Step 3 (Meta Title)

Titles may amount to hundred characters and it should contain at least two words from your keyword. Mostly titles could be seen at left corner with its position at top level.

Step 4 (Meta Description)

Internet service provider offer your site to the user as soon as your description appears on the web search page. Search engine mostly accommodate up to two hundred characters and 2-4 of your keywords. The description reflects the content of your site , so provide description with brief, concise and informative as the nature of your website would be revealed to the user.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

All website owner lounge for top rank in search engine ,but only few could get an upper hand. It is not a complicated one as all think of it. If one follows three steps properly then he could walk out with pride.


If you are interested in checking the top rank website in search engine do as per this instruction. First of all choose the topic you are interested. then go on with your search in Google or yahoo . For instance you choose "Anatomy of plants", go to search engine like Google or yahoo you could see a site called "Anatomy of plants" at top level and be authentic in one point that this add is not a paid one.


Now the only one thing you need to do is just click on the right side of your mouse ,you could find a drop menu listed with many options such as "view source" and "view page source" . As soon as you click it you could look "under the hood" all the information that the search engine can look at. At top level you could come across a line that reads meta name = "keywords' content = . Just after equal to sign you could note a keyword witin quotation marks. The keywords may be Anatomy of plants, Anatomy of animals or Anatomy of insects. which make easy quest for the particular website and take it to the top level.


Final steps to do is select the keywords which are relevant to your site. Selecting the relevant keywords in your meta data pay you the way for top rank in search engine ranking.