How to Optimize Meta Tags for Organic Search

Title, description and keywords are the three essential HTML areas where meta data also known to be meta tags can be inserted which are mostly found at the top of the HTML code.

Step 1(Keyword )

The accommodation of keywords in search engine is up to hundred characters. Keywords is framed by titles, description and content of the website. Thus keyword reflects the nature of website ,so one should be cautious in framing the keywords.

Step 2(Keywords Density)

Be sure that your usage of keywords in the meta tags cover 3.7% of word count and remember that words used in logos, photos would not be taken into account as search engine could not read graphics.

Step 3 (Meta Title)

Titles may amount to hundred characters and it should contain at least two words from your keyword. Mostly titles could be seen at left corner with its position at top level.

Step 4 (Meta Description)

Internet service provider offer your site to the user as soon as your description appears on the web search page. Search engine mostly accommodate up to two hundred characters and 2-4 of your keywords. The description reflects the content of your site , so provide description with brief, concise and informative as the nature of your website would be revealed to the user.

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