I bought my new EVDO connection 3 days ago in Pondicherry. It cost around RS.4100(outright purchase of the card RS.3600 + activation charge Rs.500). The speed is pretty good. The EVDO tower is around 2 km from my house , I am getting a speed of around 600kbps. I also used this card in perungudi Chennai, where the speed I get is around 300kbps. CDMA 1x is available almost everywhere, i got a speed of around 150kbps. The monthly rental would be exactly RS.610 including tax. BSNL rocks with their Evdo data card offers.

Screenshots of Evdo and CDMA 1x speed:

Though Bsnl EVDO offers great value for money, they lack in customer service. I hve been waiting for this Evdo card for more than three months, in that time I hve got no proper response for my call or questions regarding the Evdo availability. Also I wouldn't like to buy the card for outright purchase, but the pondicherry bsnl exchange has taken away the rental scheme, so I hve no way only to go for the outright purchase.