Earn Money through Amazon Mechanical Turk

While surfing I recently came across a legit online money making program its none other than Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is one of the suite of Amazon web service. You can work in your spare time and earn some dollars out of it. Basically it is a crowd sourcing market place. The tasks are simple in mturk. There are many Hits(tasks) available for you, most Hits are like Article Posting, Article Rewriting, Comment on a blog, Writing review of a product, Online Survey, Twitter and Facebook friend request. Select the right job which suits you and go on with it and never forget to read the instruction, remember you will be paid only if your work are accepted by the requester.

Screenshot of my mturk account dashboard:

How do you get paid:

If you are a US citizen the money will be transferred to your personal bank account, workers from India can get the money through checks. If you are apart from these countries you can get the funds in Amazon.com
gift certificates. Those gift certificates can then be redeemed online for Amazon.com products.

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