Mystery Google - Get Someone Else's Search Results

Have you heard of Mystery Google, well the latest buzz around internet is Mystery Google. It is a special Search Engine from Google that allows users to search as usual, the difference is that instead of taking you to the result what you have been searching for, it will give the result of the other person who has searched just before you.

I just entered in "hypnosis" in Mystery Google, my result came up with "twins".

Does Mystery Google really works?

I had some questions in my mind about Mystery Google. As I know I won't get the results what for I typed in, my intention was just to type any words and I didn't really want to make any specific queries. I guess the other person using this tool must have the same intention. For example I did my second search just entering "Ice Cream" the result I got is "123251112" the other person searched before me had entered this. So do you think it really works. Well it depends on us who use this search tool. At start it will be a little hazy, people doesn't know what to type, they just want to know what other people search, some make fun out of this by just searching weird ones. It takes time for people to get used to it and make this a better tool to explore new things that they have not heard of.

For now Mystery Google is just for fun and when things move along it will become an useful tool to explore new things.

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