Gold Investment -

Do you like to invest in gold by buying gold coins and gold bullion, then this is a good decision. Gold Investment have been practiced since time immemorial. Gold investment has outperformed all the other investments in the last Ten Years. Gold investment act as a smart haven regardless of economic crisis, you can see the price of gold hiking everyday. So it will be safe for us to invest some money in gold.

If you choose to invest in gold then the best website you can go for is They are an Aurum Adviser, a online resource to buy gold coin and buy gold bullion. Here you can purchase gold bullion like Gold American Eagle, Australian Gold Nugget, Chinese Gold Panda etc. They provide us up-to-date information's of current gold spot market price and also act as a guide for purchasing gold coins and to buy bullion.

First Payment from Microworkers ( Payment Proof )

Got my first Payment from Microworkers. I requested for a payout on 29th September got my payment on 18th October. It doesn't takes much  time to reach the minimum payout for me it takes around 20 days. I really love this site. Thank you Microworkers.

Mystery Google - Get Someone Else's Search Results

Have you heard of Mystery Google, well the latest buzz around internet is Mystery Google. It is a special Search Engine from Google that allows users to search as usual, the difference is that instead of taking you to the result what you have been searching for, it will give the result of the other person who has searched just before you.

I just entered in "hypnosis" in Mystery Google, my result came up with "twins".

Does Mystery Google really works?

I had some questions in my mind about Mystery Google. As I know I won't get the results what for I typed in, my intention was just to type any words and I didn't really want to make any specific queries. I guess the other person using this tool must have the same intention. For example I did my second search just entering "Ice Cream" the result I got is "123251112" the other person searched before me had entered this. So do you think it really works. Well it depends on us who use this search tool. At start it will be a little hazy, people doesn't know what to type, they just want to know what other people search, some make fun out of this by just searching weird ones. It takes time for people to get used to it and make this a better tool to explore new things that they have not heard of.

For now Mystery Google is just for fun and when things move along it will become an useful tool to explore new things.

New BSNL EVDO Tariff

It seems like Bsnl has revised the Tariff again for its EVDO services. The new EVDO Tariff will be effective from 1st November, 2009.

The New Plans are as follows:
   0.5 GB - Rs.199 + tax 
      1 GB - Rs.299 + tax
      2 GB - Rs.449 + tax
      5 GB - Rs.649 + tax
Unlimited - Rs.999 + tax

No information on how and when existing customers will be migrated to new plans. This new tariff announcement from Bsnl will be a heartbreaking news for EVDO users.

Top Six Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

It is true that Affiliate Marketing is one of the way to earn more money without investing. Being diligent in Affiliate Marketing at beginning level is more than enough to get success. In addition to it the way to promote affiliate product matters the most. Let us have a brief outlook on the various methods of promoting affiliates products.

1. Join Forums and Discussions
Find a forum that are related to the product you promote.The forum you choose should have high page rank. Once you sign up in the forum the first and foremost thing you should do is setting up the signature line (where you can put up your name and affiliate link). Be active in the forum, post questions, answers and comments to other members. Do not spam, simply write reasonable response to other people queries, when people reads your answer they will likely to see your signature too and may give a visit to your site. Be more active and contribute more and people will start trusting you. once you build the trust you will see more visitors and sales.

2. Social Networking Sites
The internet has become more interactive and community-oriented. I have never thought of Social Networking Sites to promote my affiliate marketing programs until I come across an article which made a mention of using face book application for Affiliate Marketing. The huge traffic generated by these Social Networking Sites is really a boon to Affiliate Marketing. Build relationship with people on Social Networking Sites and slowly begin to promote your product to your followers and friends. People will trust only when they know you well, so do not spam on Social Networking Sites. You  should be very conscious of audience you are targeting through Social Networking Sites and also very authentic about what you are promoting. Build trust with your followers and friends by showing them the benefits to buy the products you promote.

3. Writing Articles
This is one of the way to drive traffic to your site. you can post articles related to the products you promote. Keep in mind the content should be good and never emphasize on the quality of a particular product as success or failure is determined through it. Do not forget to include your affiliate link in resource box or author box.

Submit each article you write to different directories, I personally prefer these article directories.

4. Your Own Website or Blog
This is the most common way to promote affiliate programs and many publishers make their entire living through Affiliate Marketing on their website or blog. By just placing an affiliate link or banner on your site will not make you rich, you must learn the proper way to promote the affiliate products.

5. E-mail Marketing
This is one of the best way for promoting affiliate products. E-mail marketing does not seems as profitable as it was once. If you have a large number of E-mail list or subscriber to your website, you can send them Newsletter with an affiliate link regularly. Make sure that the Newsletters should not look like you are promoting something.

6. Pay Per Click Advertising
There are many publishers who have become extremely successful using PPC Advertising. Ad words and yahoo search marketing are the most popular PPC programs. You can also advertise your website and also promote your affiliate website. But do not forget to use your affiliate link.

You should be very careful in using PPC Advertising. If you are in a competitive niche you will certainly spends more than two dollars per click. It may bring you a lot of sales or it may not.

First Payment From Adgitize

Yesterday I got my first payment from Adgitize, I am a member of that site since Dec 2008, I am lazy to go through the faqs and doesn't know how it works and how to earn more points at first, But only in the middle of august I came to know we earn more points by daily clicking 100 ads and by posting articles, from that day I had an average earning of 200 - 240 points. If you are just an publisher in Adgitize sure you can make around $5 a month, but if  you also advertise in Adgitize you get more points and you can earn more than $10 a month.
Adgitize your web site.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an internet-based marketing practice in which advertiser (online retailer who sell services or product) pay publisher known as affiliates (individual who promote the service or product of an advertiser) only for performance (sales, lead).

How to Select Affiliate Programs

There is an ample chance for affiliates to promote the product and service of an advertiser and get profit. The only thing is to keep in mind the fundamental rules and avoid common errors that may occur in affiliate marketing.

Affiliates should be cautious of selecting the best Affiliate Programs and the way of promoting the product or service should be excellent. The Affiliate Program you select must match your niche, need and product or service you provide. By joining SEO Newsletters and being a member in Affiliate Programs, you can avail the help of seasoned affiliate marketers and SEO Experts which are free of cost, guiding you in selecting the right choice.

Affiliate Marketing Program is an ideal site were affiliates marketers and advertisers meet. Click bank, Commission junction and Paydotcom are free sites. Associate Network is a third party program networks and a large diverse market place were tracking and comparing the advantages, goods, records, operation and facilities are made easy. If you are a beginner you can choose click bank were no approval are required.

Beyond all this factors, the effort you take in promoting the product or services matters the most. Before promoting the product or service study the vendor commission plan, research it carefully and make sure that you are paid, so that the effort you did never go in vain.

How do you get Paid in Affiliate Marketing
Advertisements are placed on the affiliate site when visitors see those ad they may be encouraged to click it. If the visitors are interested on the product they purchase it. If the products are purchased then the affiliates get paid for it in commission basis. In most Affiliate Programs the sales records are made by number of times the ads are clicked or viewed made into sale of goods or services.

Does it Cost any Money to get Involved

The big winner in the Affiliate Marketing is the Third Party Companies were the procedure are quite simple. The affiliates can sign up and go on without any hassle. One of the best thing for Affiliates is  that they end up  making lot of  money without having a product or service of their own and without any huge investment in it. The only thing you will invest is your precious time promoting  the advertisers product. The affiliates who make more money put on more efforts such as writing and designing a web pages (landing pages). Thereby motivating the visitor to click on Affiliate link.


I am using Bsnl Evdo Card for about 4 months, when I first bought the service it looked great for me but with lot of technical issues, I used it for a while but got disappointed and thrown it away.  A week back I thought to give a look at it.  It gave me a lot of surprises. I am  glad and decided to make a review on it.


Bsnl Evdo uses Shared IP or Public IP

When I first  used BSNL EVDO gives only Shared  IP. The issue with Shared IP is we can't download files from rapidshare.  Also your IP will be concluded as a proxy server or some sort of shared network.
But now BSNL is giving public IPs.  So no more worries on rapidshare and I am downloading around 1GB files per day from rapidshare itself.

Bsnl Evdo Speed and Signal Strength

The speed is getting better and better at first I got a maximum speed around 500 Kbps but now I am getting a speed of 1 Mbps.  I see a great improvement in signal strength also, I usually go to my house upstairs to get full signal strength but now I am getting full signal anywhere in my house.

Bsnl Evdo Roaming and Charges

Yes roaming is available within your circle (state).  I am from Puducherry,  I asked a Bsnl employee about the device usage in chennai. He said roaming is available National Wide but first I have to give the device to them and configured to use it in other states. So if you want to use the device in other state you have to configure first. Roaming is available free of charge.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Almost all areas are covered, there are two Evdo towers in Pondicherry one is at Thattanchavadi and another is near Pondicherry University. I guess this two towers is enough for pondicherry it will cover all the areas.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Chennai

I already mentioned this in my previous post on Evdo, there is not much improvement but I heard from a Bsnl employee that they are in process and the Evdo coverage will be available in all areas of Chennai within November 2009, to see the areas covered click here.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Bangalore
At least more than 20 Evdo towers has been established in Bangalore to see the list click here.

Bsnl Evdo coverage in Hyderabad  

More than 30 towers were established in Hyderabad, to see the list of areas covered just check out here .

Bsnl Evdo Coverage In Kerala

Almost all major cities were covered in Kerala. To know the complete list of cities covered click here.

Though Bsnl has raised its Evdo tariff  by 15% it may come around Rs.650 plus tax, I think its a good buy at this price also. You may not get wireless high speed unlimited internet for a much cheaper price anywhere than Bsnl.