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When it comes to business having a good logo is an essential part of company branding, your logo expresses the personality of your business, a well-designed logos will provide unique  characteristics of your business. If you want to find a designer on your own it will be difficult, even though you find one he might  cost more or he may not design the logo to your satisfaction. Imagine how good it would be if there are hundreds of professional logo designers creating logo for your business and you will choose only one logo design which you are satisfied of. Yes it is possible to do, it can be done only in logomyway just by conducting a logo contest. This is a new concept, it is based on crowdsourcing model. It is the best way to get great logos designed for your business.
Logomyway offers a guarantee of minimum 40 different logo concepts, if they can't do that they will refund your money. Also creating a contest in logomyway is quite simple and easy. It will only take a minute to start a contest, the minimum amount to start a contest is $200.

Here is an example, this is a logo design contest organized for Mosaic Solution Group.

I personally like this concept because both the buyer and the designer will benefit from this method. If you want your business logo designed to your satisfaction at a much lesser cost then is the right way to go.

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