Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology seems to be a monotonous one but it is the one which should be taken into account while stepping in to trading field. Most of them never pay attention to this but it really help you in all aspects as our internal and mental factor has a great influence on us. Psychology plays a vital role in decision making that too concerned with trading field every one are aware, how one should be conscious of decision making, in such a case it is very important for us to control our mind.

The two psychological factor which affect us while trading are fear and greedy. People who are obsessed with fear never stay in the market for longer period as fear makes them to exit the market before they get the market. The other factor is greedy which make one to stay in the market for longer period as their mind are predominated with the money they never get contend even though they get the upper hand and go on with the trade though the market condition is not predictable. If one is able to control these two factors whatsoever the state of market are, he may be able to withstand the market.

Regarding trading choosing the best stocks matters the most, in such case what one require is correct judgment. If one is emotionally affected then he will never make a correct judgment he goes in the way as his mind goes. If his mind is free from all those stress then there is a possibility of correct judgment which is the factor in selecting the right choice. So one must learn to control the emotion that seems to be the influencing factor while dwelling on the trading subject deeply.

If you take trading you are the boss, you no need to depend on any one you can just switch on the system or laptop, look into details, have a deep analysis of the trends in the market, get a clear cut report, plan properly, follow the best risk management, never allow the emotions to flow into your mind as it may affect you in precise judgment and be authentic in selecting a right choice. This is the best and easiest way for you to get the upper hand in trading, if you follow this simple and easiest way you are not far away from the success you are about to get the one you desired so far. So follow it you can trade without any hassle and get the best out of it.

Forex Autopilot System

Forex Autopilot System is the current software program which has proved as a low-risk one and known to be the most efficient of all the software program introduced so far. In this global trading it has made the way for smoother trading as fear of taking risk doesn't bothered you.

Currency trading is based on the concept of Fibonacci formula which is the essence of this trading. Most of the traders switch on to the software which help them in crisis situation such as market fluctuation so that they never hassle for trading and avoid the risk. The software helps the trader in predicting the trends and act according to your discretion .

Forex Autopilot System is the automated trading system which has proved its ability in analyzing the trends in the market and guide in reckoning the correct one, so that you decide the one which make you earn more profit. What is the one and simplest thing you do is choose Forex Autopilot System and make it your friend, so that you can trade with out any fear of risk.

Forex Autopilot System works on Algorithms mechanism by which the best entry or exit points are reckoned easily. Cash supervision tool are enable in some version which reduce the risk factor to some limit, thus enabling the trader to reap the benefit of trade.

Just go on search with various scheme of Forex Autopilot System and select it. Depending on the version the rate of Forex Autopilot System varies starting with minimum of $65 per month for program-usage. It is better to look on the benefits of Forex Autopilot System rather than thinking of the expense.

Before moving on to Forex Autopilot System follow the five steps given below:
  • Just to check out whether you get benefit use 8 - week free trial.
  • Collect the details of how to use demo account in Forex Autopilot System.
  • Don't miss the training lesson or videos provided by the offers which may help you understand its efficient in trading.
  • Check it out with all trading platform that to with Meta Trader, so that their operation are compatible with all.
  • You have money-back guarantees for your safer side, so you can proceed it with out any hassle.

The Four Biggest Mistakes in Forex Trading

Most of them while trading do mistake which are a one to learn from that and never step back on facing failure as mistakes are the stepping stones of success. Just here are some of the common error that trader do while trading.

Usage of cheap software package

The financial crisis can lock one in buying this cheap software package . But keep in mind that software package available at low cost may not help you a lot. It may lead you to lose your Account Equity quickly. If the software sold cheaply helps a lot then whole world would switch on to this package. But this is not the case so it is better to move on to the valuable package.

Day trading or Scalp trading

Day trading is a short term trading which is of highly risk as it is really harder for traders to pick the short term prices as they are distributed in random. Scalp trading has been promoted as a low risk trading but to our safer it is better to avoid this type.

Diligent wont work out

Some traders work hard as their mindset are of being diligent would help them in earning more money which has not worked out here. You can be relaxed or in normal state unless you need to be diligent.

Being clever doesn't earn money

Some traders think being clever would bring them handsome of money. But clever is not the one mattering the most being right with the trading signal will help you in getting more profits. They think that complex system is the one which is the key stone to success but there are traders who has been more successful in simple system.

To frame the key to success you must act smartly, use a long term method and trade with a right signal. Keep in mind the common errors that we do while trading and avoid it to get the upper hand in trading.

Nokia 7210 Supernova in my hands (review)

I bought Nokia 7210 Supernova recently. I bought this mobile for Rs.5000(105$) from Univercell Mobile Showroom Puducherry. I also got 1GB memory card for free. I have this mobile for more than a week, so I decided to write a short review on this phone.

Pros :

1. A nice slim and stylish look.
2. Very Low Priced.
3. Its photo quality is excellent (2 Megapixel camera), its much better than I expected.
4. Sound quality is good.
5. Bluetooth Support and Edge connectivity.

Cons :
1. Poor Battery backup.
2. Video recording is not good.
3. Headset given with the sales package is also a poor performer.
4. Display looks somewhat duller compared with my Samsung E840.
5. No 3G.

Pictures taken with Nokia 7210 Supernova :

Mahatma Gandhi Statue Puducherry

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple Elephant

Sri Aurobindo AshramThe Nokia 7210 Supernova is a low priced, stylish mobile phone with lot of features. Its for youngsters looking for stylish mobile phone with low budget, you can also use this as your backup mobile phone.

New Airtel Broadband Tariff

Bharathi Airtel has now slashed broadband rates, Airtel has now announced new broadband plans which is almost economical and enticing one to the broadband users.


In this plan subscribers will experience 512 kbps broadband speed with unlimited data transfer for Rs.1099.


Subscribers will experience 512 kpbs in day and 1 mbps in night with unlimited data transfer for Rs.1299 and in addition to it users will get free value added service worth Rs 499 ( PC Secure, Spead on Demand and Unlimited Gaming ).


In Freedom 1699 subscriber will get 1 mpbs of unlimited data transfer for Rs.1699 and free value added worth Rs.598.
In Freedom 2999 subscriber will get 2 mpbs of unlimited data transfer for Rs.2999 and free value added worth Rs.698.

With this latest announcement (Freedom Plans), Airtel has given subscribers a rich broadband experience for much affordable price which no broadband service providers has done until now.

Broadband service in India is becoming better and better.